Vital Pet grape seed granules for horses | 6kg

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Grape seed granules
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  • high natural crude fiber content (35.9%)
  • 100% natural product with natural content of minerals and vitamin B6
  • naturally contained antioxidants
  • grain free
  • no added sugar / molasses free
  • regionally produced in our oil mill on the Moselle river

Vitis Vital Pet Grape Seed Granules

Horses are herbivores by nature. As herbivores, they prefer to move around in the pasture all day and eat continuously from the plants growing there. They eat selectively and instinctively choose the right plants and herbs in the right quantity for their well-being and health.

Sometimes such grazing is not possible in sufficient quantities, or the vegetation on the pasture does not offer a diverse selection of plants and herbs, e.g. in winter or due to one-sided growth with only a few plant species. In such cases, it makes sense to supplement the horse's feeding.

Vitis Vital Pet offers you and your horse a 100% natural product made from grape seed press cake. Vitis Vital Pet grape seed granules for horses have a very high natural crude fiber content of 35.9%. This raw fiber content supports the active intestine and intestinal health of the horse.

In addition to the crude fiber content, Vitis Vital Pet Grape Seed Granulate convinces with a natural content of minerals (potassium and phosphorus) and vitamin B6. In addition, the naturally contained antioxidants contribute to cell protection.

Did you know that Vitis Vital Pet grape seed granules still contain a residual content of valuable grape seed oil? Since our grape seed press cake is produced during the gentle cold pressing of grape seed oil, there is still a small residual content in Vitis Vital Pet Grape Seed Granules. And this content is just right for feeding your horse, as grape seed oil contains many polyunsaturated fatty acids that support the gastrointestinal tract. Nevertheless, the content of grape seed oil is not too high, so that the Vitis Vital Pet grape seed granules do not bring too high energy intake.

Our feeding recommendation

You can use grape seed granulate as a feed additive when feeding horses. Mix the nutritionally valuable grape seed granules into the feed 1 x daily.

  • Ponies: approx. 40 g per day
  • Large horses: approx. 80 g per day


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Wir sind das Team hinter der Vielfalt aus Traubenkernen, vom liebevoll kaltgepressten Traubenkernöl über das wertvolle Traubenkernmehl bis hin zu unseren Leckereien der Genusswelt. Natürliche Herstellung, gesunde Ernährung & ganz viel Geschmack.

Ingredients, nutritional values and legal information

Product name: Grape seed granules (feed).

Country of origin: Germany

Ingredients: 100% grape seed granules

Nutritional values per 100 g:

1,193 kJ / 285 kcal, fat 2.2 g, saturated fatty acids 0.2 g, monounsaturated fatty acids 0.3 g, polyunsaturated fatty acids 1.7 g, carbohydrates 21.8 g, of which sugar 5.4 g, fiber 62.8 g, protein 13.3 g, salt 0 g, crude fiber 35.9%, potassium 2,212 mg/kg, phosphorus 1,345 mg/kg, vitamin B6 0.28 mg/kg.

Natural product:
Our Vitis grape seed granules are a pure natural product. As such, variations in various properties, e.g. color, granulation, odor and taste of the product are normal. These are due to natural external influences during growth, e.g. weather and soil. The variations significantly distinguish the natural product from an industrially standardized product.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and always closed.

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