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  • gently cold pressed grape seed oil
  • regional specialty directly from the producer
  • intensive & strong taste
  • suitable for healthy nutrition
  • 100% natural product without additives
  • very well tolerated due to gentle production process
  • high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • rich in vitamin E & therefore ideally suited for skin care
  • high smoke point at 190°C - suitable for cooking and frying

Cold pressed grape seed oil: The versatile cooking oil for delicious dishes

Cold-pressed grapeseed oil is an outstanding ingredient that adds flavor to your cooking and is suitable for healthy eating. Discover the many uses of this high-quality oil and be inspired by its benefits.

Our Vitis24 grape seed oil is a true all-rounder. It is a cold-pressed edible oil that is 100% natural and therefore very well tolerated. This is the reason why it is made for supporting your healthy diet. Our grape seed oil impresses with its intense and strong flavor, as well as its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Salad dressings with that certain something: Give your salads an exquisite touch by using cold-pressed grape seed oil as the basis for your homemade dressings. The oil blends perfectly with a variety of flavors and adds a subtle nutty nuance to salads. Our tip: It harmonizes particularly well in taste with our fruity vinegars.

Roasting and grilling: Cold-pressed grape seed oil has a high smoke point at 190°C, which makes this oil suitable for frying and grilling dishes.

Wide range of baking possibilities: Dive into the world of baking and use our cold-pressed cooking oil as a healthier alternative to butter or other oils. The oil gives your baked goods a moist texture and delicate flavor, whether you're preparing cakes, cookies or bread.

Refined sauces, dips and pestos: Enrich your sauces and dips with the mild taste of cold-pressed grape seed oil. It harmonizes wonderfully with various spices and herbs, gives sauces a silky consistency and makes your dishes unforgettable. Our tip: This oil goes very well with homemade pestos.

Dessert magic with grape seed oil: Treat yourself to a sweet temptation by using cold-pressed grape seed oil in your dessert creations. Whether combined with fresh fruit, yogurt or ice cream, the oil adds a touch of sophistication and enhances your sweet delicacies.

Smoothies: Stir a teaspoon of grape seed oil into your fresh smoothie. This not only gives it a subtle nutty note, but also increases the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Can grape seed oil also be used for cosmetics?

Yes - experience the natural effect of cold-pressed grape seed oil in cosmetics and integrate it into your daily care routine. Its high content of vitamin E makes it particularly valuable for cell protection. The fact that our oil is a pure natural product without any additives makes it even more valuable for the skin. Here we have a few suggestions for you, how you can use our grape seed oil in your body care:

Moisturizing Facial Oil: Cold-pressed grapeseed oil is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants that penetrate deep into the skin, providing it with intense moisture. Use it as a facial oil to combat dry skin, prevent moisture loss and promote a radiant complexion.

Anti-aging serum: Grapeseed oil's antioxidant properties make it an ideal ingredient for anti-aging applications. It can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and protect against harmful environmental factors that can lead to premature aging.

Eye Cream: Grapeseed oil is lightweight and absorbs quickly, making it a great eye cream. Apply gently around the eye area to minimize the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines and maintain a youthful glow.

Hair Care Oil: Cold-pressed grape seed oil is a wonderful natural care for hair. It can help combat dryness and split ends, strengthen hair and give it a healthy shine. Gently massage the oil into the scalp, to lock in moisture and revitalize the hair.

Body oil and massage oil: Pamper your skin with a soothing body oil or use it as a base for a massage oil. Its light texture and moisturizing properties make it an excellent choice to nourish the skin and keep it supple.

Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is cold-pressed grape seed oil?

Cold-pressed grape seed oil is a natural vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of grapes. The term "cold pressed" means that the oil is extracted by mechanical pressure without the use of heat or chemical solvents. This preserves the valuable nutrients and flavor of the oil.

How is cold pressed grape seed oil produced?

Cold-pressed grape seed oil is obtained by purely mechanical pressing of the grape seeds. The seeds are first dried, then sieved to sort out foreign bodies and stems, and then pressed using our oil press. The oil is then sedimented and bottled. This gentle production preserves the nutrients, the typical taste and the color of the oil.

How should the oil be stored?

Cold-pressed grape seed oil should be stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Storing it in the refrigerator can help extend its shelf life. Once the bottle is opened, the oil should be consumed within 6-12 months.

How can I tell that the grape seed oil is cold pressed?

This can be recognized by the strong yellow-green color. Refined oils, obtained by a chemical process under high heat, lose their typical intense color and become very light. It can also be recognized by the fact that cold-pressed oil is always sold in dark bottles to protect it from light.

Refined oils are usually sold in transparent bottles. There are 2 reasons for this:

Firstly, transparent bottles are much cheaper and secondly, light exposure does no more harm, because the valuable ingredients have already been lost during refining.


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Wir sind das Team hinter der Vielfalt aus Traubenkernen, vom liebevoll kaltgepressten Traubenkernöl über das wertvolle Traubenkernmehl bis hin zu unseren Leckereien der Genusswelt. Natürliche Herstellung, gesunde Ernährung & ganz viel Geschmack.

Ingredients, nutritional values and legal information

Product name: cold pressed grape seed oil without additives

Country of origin: Germany

Ingredients: 100% cold pressed grape seed oil

Nutritional values per 100 ml:

Calorific value 3,404 kJ / 828 kcal, fat 92 g, of which saturated fatty acids 8 g, monounsaturated fatty acids 13 g, polyunsaturated fatty acids 70 g, carbohydrates 0 g, of which sugar 0 g, dietary fiber 0 g, protein 0 g, salt 0 g
vitamins/minerals per 100 ml vitamin E 5 mg

Natural product:
Our Vitis grape seed oil is a pure natural product. As such, variations in various properties, e.g. color, grain, odor and taste of the product are normal. These are due to natural external influences during growth, e.g. weather and soil. The variations significantly distinguish the natural product from an industrially standardized product.

Storage: Store in a cool place and protected from light.

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