Vitis - the sympathetic oil factory on the Mosel

Our history of oil production - quality, passion and sustainability

We from the Vitis team have always stood for natural and healthy nutrition and great enjoyment. In the Vitis oil factory in Bernkastel-Kues on the Moselle, we produce a comprehensive range of high-quality edible oils, which we sell both online via vitis24 and through specialist retailers. However, we are also happy to welcome anyone who stops by our factory outlet for a tasting.

It all began with the grape seed

It all started with what is probably the highest quality of all edible oils, cold-pressed grape seed oil. Other products continue to round off the Vitis range. We are particularly fascinated by the sustainability of grape seed products in particular.

High-quality edible oils form the basis for culinary experiences both in gastronomy and in the home kitchen. We therefore believe that a range of different, exquisite oils belongs in every kitchen.

With our grape seed products, we supply not only natural food lovers and lovers of conscious nutrition, but also all those who want to enjoy the best of nature. And the grape seeds we sieve and clean are also becoming increasingly popular with all (hobby) enthusiasts.

One of our core products is the cold-pressed grape seed oil, which is elaborately extracted in the domestic, self-developed, oil mill. In addition, valuable grape seed flour and grape seed granulate are produced from the seeds of the grape. Both products are produced according to our own process and stand, like almost all our products, for premium quality - made in Germany.

Passion in the things we do is as important to us as the quality of our products and our production. Therefore, it is part of the Vitis team's self-image that our manufactory has the usual certificates of a food manufacturer - especially HACCP and organic.

Pleasure & joie de vivre

Who wouldn't want to bake their own high-quality and naturally delicious bread without a lot of effort and expense? Vitis offers you this possibility with its own bread baking mix, which is also responsible for the fact that we are constantly expanding our range and can now even offer specially designed spreads. These are always a pleasure for our team, on their own baked bread, during lunch breaks and of course at home with their loved ones.

In the course of the time we were asked again and again by our friends& customers to extend the
offer by products, which beautify one the everyday life. And so we started to look for new product ideas with a lot of attention to detail. It is especially important to us that all our products contribute to a special moment of pleasure. And so we offer not only an extensive and ever-growing range of high-quality edible oils, but also various delicatessen products.

The idea ignited more and more and since then we offer many delicious
dips, spreads, high-quality spice mixtures and especially mustards in our world of enjoyment. But
is not enough, the assortment is constantly expanded - it is always worth
to look again.

Our daily motivation is to treat you to particularly beautiful culinary experiences for two, with
friends and or family. And that for all three meals and even beyond. In a sense, as a companion throughout the day and night - thus 24h. We express this also with our Web appearance under By the way, our products are also excellent gifts.

We are sure to have something for every taste.

Our customers

In addition to our direct customers, we supply

national and international key accounts from the food,
feed and cosmetics industries, numerous German winegrowers and
winegrowers' cooperatives, as well as hotels and restaurants.

In addition to our online store, we are increasingly selling our consumer products in food retail outlets.

From our team

May we introduce!?


"I can identify 100% with the products from Vitis. I particularly enjoy baking a fresh loaf of bread with our bread baking mix. Then add our Winzervesper spread or a fresh salad with grape seed oil and the whole family is delighted."


"These times in particular show what a strong team can achieve. The team spirit that our team exudes is really contagious. From the warehouse worker to the boss, everyone pitches in. As a team player, I therefore feel very comfortable at Vitis."


"Creativity and freedom for design play a big role for me. Here I can get involved and realize interesting projects. So I get to help shape a piece of Vitis every day, and I think that's great."

Vitis has completely exceeded our expectations. If you are not sure, always choose Vitis. They are the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased.

Grain pillow fairy

May 2021

Good service, friendly staff, fast delivery and it tastes great. So all the best and full star.


December 2021

As always, everything is fine. Have been buying our grape seeds from Vitis for many years and have never been disappointed.

Decoration time

February 2021