The responsible use of resources, especially of raw materials and energy, as well as environmentally conscious work is very close to our hearts. For this reason, we consider the concept of sustainability and the protection of the environment in our production.

The complete use of the grape

With our grape seed oil and our grape seed flour, the circle is closed. The grapes harvested each year can be completely processed into valuable products, with almost no waste. First, the winemaker makes his wine from the grapes. From the waste product of the winemaker, the mash, the grape seeds are sieved and dried. From these we press our cold-pressed grape seed oil and from the resulting waste product, the press cake, we finally grind our valuable grape seed flour.

Processing without additives and chemicals

Our grape seed products are pure natural products. Therefore, it is a matter of course for us that the production in our company is completely natural, without the use of additives, preservatives or chemicals. This protects the product and the consumer, but also our direct environment and our valuable groundwater.

Production according to demand

It is important to us to produce only what we need for our customers. We have an efficient production facility, but we are flexible enough to adapt it to the needs of the moment. We would rather accept increased production costs than have to dispose of overdue products due to an expired shelf life.

Donation of remaining quantities

If it should happen to us that we have overproduced products that we cannot sell by the best-before date, we donate these products in good time to charitable organizations, such as 'Die Tafeln', instead of thoughtlessly disposing of valuable foodstuffs.

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