Order process

(1) Order goods

Just choose the products you want to order from our assortment. Under "Quantity" you can change your order quantity. By clicking on the button "add to shopping cart" the selected quantity of the corresponding item will be put into the shopping cart and you can continue shopping at your leisure. Changing the order quantity or removing a product is possible at any time in the shopping cart. You can find the shopping cart in the upper right corner.

(2) Checkout

First click on the button "add to cart". Before you can complete your order, you must agree to our terms and conditions. Please click in the field "AGB read and accepted". We recommend that you create a customer account. This way you don't have to enter all shipping data again for each order. To do so, click on the symbol next to the shopping cart in the upper right corner. Your data will be processed in compliance with the data protection regulations collected, processed and used. Your data will not be used for any other purpose or passed on to third parties. Of course you can also order from us as a "guest" without a customer account. By clicking on the button "Checkout" you can now complete your order.

(3) Discount code

In each of the following steps you have the possibility to apply a discount code on the right side of the screen. You don't have a discount code yet? Simply sign up for our newsletter at (4) Shipping address and receive your first discount code as a thank you.

(4) Delivery address

Here you can enter your desired delivery address. If you already have a customer account with us, your data is already stored here, and you can proceed directly to the next step. Click on the button "Continue to shipping".

(5) Shipping

Select your desired shipping method here. We offer shipping with DPD or DHL. The shipping costs you can here here. By clicking on the button "Continue to payment" you will get to the next step.

(6) Payment

Now you can choose your desired payment method. By clicking on the button "Check order" you will get to the last step of the order process.

(7) Check order

Check your data again or change them if you have discovered an error. Did you enter everything correctly? Then click on the button "Buy" to complete your order.

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