Grape seed oil vinaigrette with raspberry vinegar

kaltes Gericht
10 Minuten
für 2 - 3 Personen
Traubenkernöl-Vinaigrette mit Himbeeressig

A vinaigrette to fall in love with. Grape seed oil and raspberry vinegar make a wonderful creation for a fantastic salad dressing. Honey and mustard refine this vinaigrette.

Preparation time

approx. 10 minutes

Ingredients (for 2 - 3 persons)

- 6 TABLESPOONS Vitis cold pressed grape seed oil
- 3 TABLESPOONS Raspberry vinegar
- 1,5 tsp. grainy mustard
- 1 tsp. honey
- salt
- pepper
- colorful salad of your choice (depending on the season)


1) First, clean, wash and chop the lettuce into the desired size. Set aside.

2) Now first add the grape seed oil in a bowl, add the Raspberry vinegar and whisk briefly and vigorously to form a smooth vinaigrette.

3) Now add the grainy mustard and honey and whisk again briefly.

4) Finally, season to taste with salt and pepper. Salt can be used very sparingly.

5) The vinaigrette is now ready and can be given over the prepared salad and served!

We wish good appetite.

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