Winter skin needs best care - How to bring your skin back into balance

Oberkörper einer liegenden Frau um die 35 Jahre, die sich Traubenkernöl auf Ihre Wangen reibt

Winter is coming to an end and with the first snowdrops that we discover in the garden, the anticipation of spring increases. But winter has left its mark on our skin. The cold temperatures and the wind outside, as well as the dry heating air in our rooms has stressed and dried out our skin. So what can we do to make it spring-fresh and feel completely comfortable in our skin again?

Our skin's winter problem is the natural oil film produced by the sebaceous glands themselves. The lower the temperatures outside, the less productive our sebaceous glands are and the thinner the natural oil film becomes. This then naturally offers more surface for the skin to dry out, especially due to heating air.

To make the skin look fresh for spring and get rid of that annoying winter itch, we need to support the skin's own oil film. And we prefer to do that with cold-pressed grape seed oil, a 100% natural option, guaranteed free of chemical additives or mineral oils.

Grape seed oil contains a lot of vitamin E, which is important for cell protection, and has a high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Try nevertheless in the next weeks times a grape seed oil cure out!

Traubenkernöl grünes Öl mit Pflanzen

For it every evening the affected main parts with a few drops of grape seed oil rub in and massage. The grape seed oil can be used on the entire body in the face and even with dry scalp. Our grape seed oil is a pure natural product and therefore has a strong color and all the valuable ingredients that a refined oil cannot offer you. Therefore, be careful not to drip on clothing or towels during your grape seed oil massage. Natural colors can also cause real stains.

Enjoy your grape seed oil treatment every evening for about 14 days. We recommend some nice relaxing music to go with it. Then rejoice in your fresh and radiant spring skin!

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