How to use grape seed flour correctly!

ein weißer Teller mit Traubenkernmehl, einer Herz-Ausstechform und einem silbernen Teelöffel

Grape seed flour is a valuable natural product with many positive properties. We at Vitis grind it gently and without any additives or chemical treatment from the press cake that remains during the cold pressing of our grape seed oil. As a result, our Vitis grape seed flour has a high fiber content of about 56.5%, naturally present polyphenols and is naturally gluten-free.

But how should grapeseed flour now be used properly to benefit from its good natural ingredients?

Grape seed flour in baking

Grapeseed flour is naturally gluten-free. Therefore, it cannot be used 100% in traditional baking. The dough would lack hold. But nevertheless, grapeseed flour can be used in a variety of ways for baked goods and pastries, from savory to sweet. Bread and rolls become dark and flavorful with the addition of grape seed flour, similar to whole wheat bread. In sweet doughs, grapeseed flour goes especially well in chocolate, nut and fruit cakes. In all recipes, simply replace 7-10% of the flour in the recipe with grapeseed flour and you'll get that special grapeseed treat.
Of course, grapeseed flour can also be used as an ingredient in completely gluten-free specialty recipes.

Traubenkernmehl Erdbeerkuchen Obstkuchen Kuchen Erdbeeren

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Grape seed flour as a superfood

Superfood has been the trend of healthy and natural nutrition for several years. Superfoods are foods that are purely natural and of plant origin and have a variety of valuable ingredients and can thus help us with a balanced diet. And Vitis grape seed flour is one of them and can be stirred into juice or smoothies, muesli or yogurt like other superfood powders. Try it also as a delicious topping, for example, in combination with nuts on oatmeal and porridge or use grape seed flour as a fiber plus in energy balls, granola bars and bars.

Smoothie Traubenkernmehl Traubenkernextrakt Saft Shake Chiasamen

Grape seed flour as a dietary supplement

Many people want to do something good for their body by taking dietary supplements and support it in special stress situations. Since the range of industrially produced food supplements is huge and often unmanageable, many of our customers decide to take grape seed flour as a food supplement. Grape seed flour is a good and natural way to supply oneself with polyphenols and other secondary plant substances. It can be taken pure (about 1 teaspoon a day, stirred into smoothie or juice) or in the form of our popular grape seed capsules. Vitis Grape Seed Capsules contain over 90% of the valuable grape seed flour and are also enriched with vitamin C, zinc and selenium.

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Grape seed flour for animals

For our best friends, e.g. dogs, horses and rodents, the grape seed flour or in its unground form the grape seed granulate, is a special plus as a feed supplement. All product variants of the grape seed press cake are officially approved as animal feed by the responsible authorities. This means that our best friends can also enjoy the valuable ingredients. Simply mix some grape seed granules or grape seed flour into the dry food every day. Depending on their preference, the animals also like to take the somewhat coarser variant, the grape seed granules, as this gives them something to nibble on.

Hund Mann Futter Futterergänzung kaltgepresstes Traubenkernöl Fellpflege

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Hallo Tania,
Sie haben Recht. Es ist in der Tat schwierig, ein eiweißfreies Rezept zu finden, wenn einem der Inhaltsstoff OPC wichtig ist. Wenn Sie ein Brot mit Traubenkernmehl backen, könnten wir Ihnen anstelle von Butter eiweißfreie Brotaufstriche empfehlen. Wir haben da selbst einige im Sortiment. Ansonsten schauen Sie immer wieder gerne bei uns in den Rezepten vorbei. Wir stellen regelmäßig neue Rezepte ein und da sind bestimmt auch mal eiweißfreie Ideen dabei. 😋


Da OPC nicht mit Eiweiß eingenommen werden sollte (da sich das OPC an das Eiweiß bindet und dann dem Körper nicht mehr zur Verfügung stehen soll), finde ich es schwierig, ein Rezept mit Traubenkernmehl zu finden, bei der diese „Eiweißgefahr“ nicht besteht. Selbst wenn ich damit Brot backe, esse ich selbiges doch meist mit aufgestrichener Butter…… Also außer Einrühren in Wasser oder Gemüsesaft finde ich da nicht viel. Wäre klasse, wenn Ich diesbzgl noch Inspiration finden könnte😊.

Tania Hepp

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