How to use cold-pressed grape seed oil correctly!

aus einer Flasche wird grüngelbes Traubenkernöl in eine Glaskaraffe gegossen

Cold-pressed grape seed oil has an ancient tradition and is pressed by us from the seeds of sun-ripened grapes as it was many thousands of years ago. 40 kg of grape seeds yield only one liter of this special and versatile edible oil.

And only pure cold-pressed grape seed oil, which is gently pressed mechanically as we do at Vitis Ölmühle, is 100% natural and contains all the valuable ingredients. It can always be recognized by its strong green color and typical taste.

Cold-pressed grape seed oil tastes nutty, like grapes and pomace. It is mild and round. It is not only delicious, but also has a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which is why doctors attribute several positive effects to cold-pressed grape seed oil.

But how should grape seed oil now be used properly to make the most of its good natural ingredients?

Cold-pressed grape seed oil in the cold kitchen

In the cold kitchen, cold-pressed grape seed oil is a valuable cooking oil. The good ingredients, such as polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, are fully preserved when the oil is used without heating and can thus be supplied to the body. In addition, many vitamins contained in a delicious salad can only be used by our body through the addition of good fats, such as cold-pressed oil.

Salat kaltgepresstes Traubenkernöl Rucola Tofu Hähnchenbrust Caprese

HERE you will find a recipe for a delicious salad dressing with grape seed oil!

Cold pressed grape seed oil in cooking

Cold-pressed grape seed oil has a very high smoke point and only begins to smoke at over 190°C. This makes it very good for gentle cooking and frying. Unfortunately, the vitamin E in grape seed oil does not withstand these temperatures. Therefore, our TIP for the vitamin-sparing application in cooking: Grape seed oil should be added as a flavoring agent just before the end of a cooking or frying process. The special taste, which only a grape seed oil has, which was cold-pressed and naturally manufactured, can round cooked courts off so also perfectly.

Kochen Kartoffeln Gemüse kaltgepresstes Traubenkernöl

Cold-pressed grape seed oil in baking

Many baking recipes today use a vegetable oil instead of classic butter. But can you use a high-quality cold-pressed oil for this purpose, or does it have to be refined? Here it behaves the same as in cooking. Up to a baking temperature of 190 °C, cold-pressed grape seed oil can be used without hesitation. The typical taste, the good fatty acid spectrum and secondary plant substances are retained.

If you now feel like trying cold-pressed grape seed oil for yourself, you can find it HERE in our online store.

Vitis kaltgepresstes Traubenkernöl mit Weinlaub

Cold pressed grape seed oil for dietary supplementation

Many people want to do something good for their body by taking food supplements and support it in special stress situations. Since the offer of industrially produced food supplements is huge and often unmanageable, the intake of cold-pressed oils as a food supplement is a good and natural option. Many of our customers take 1-2 teaspoons of valuable cold-pressed grape seed oil daily and thus provide themselves with polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and polyphenols.

Cold-pressed grape seed oil is also suitable for the popular oil cure or oil pulling according to the alternative medical Ayurveda medicine. Here, 1 tablespoon of the oil is slowly moved back and forth in the mouth for 10 - 20 minutes and pulled through the teeth. This is to remove toxins and germs from the oral cavity.

Cold-pressed grape seed oil for skin care

Vitis cold-pressed grape seed oil is 100% natural and guaranteed free of chemical additives or mineral oils. And this is what makes it so valuable! Thus, it has a very high content of vitamin E, which is very important for the cell protection of our skin cells as well, and a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Cold-pressed grape seed oil can be used in skin care all over the body and is an insider tip for dry and stressed skin. Simply rub in a few drops of pure oil regularly on the affected skin areas. Cold-pressed grape seed oil is also very popular in natural cosmetics or for homemade cosmetics and skin care.

Cold pressed grape seed oil for animals

Cold-pressed grape seed oil can be used in feeding for dogs, horses and cats as a supplement. It is also popular for skin and coat care.

When feeding, a small amount of cold-pressed oil is mixed into the feed, depending on the type and size of the animal. Here, the animal benefits especially from the high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids, the so-called essential fatty acids, which are contained in grape seed oil. In addition, grape seed oil helps to optimally absorb vitamins from plant food.

For our best friends, cold-pressed grape seed oil is also good for external use. On the skin, for example, in stressed areas or minor wounds, the grape seed oil can be gently rubbed directly. The oil itself and the vitamin E it contains will do the animal good. If dogs have dry hair and brittle tips in the fur, an oil treatment with cold-pressed grape seed oil can help. For this, gently rub or spray a little oil before bathing, leave for half an hour to an hour and then wash and shampoo as usual.

Hund Mann Futter Futterergänzung kaltgepresstes Traubenkernöl Fellpflege

Our oil is available in different sizes, as an organic variant or as a creation with a basil note, lemon note or chili note.

Here we have our grape seed oils for you.

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