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Ein Holztisch mit Fingerfood und Getränken, an dem Menschen sitzen und essen.

Delicious food, enjoyable food ideas, cook and enjoy, give with a lot of taste, say thank you and give pleasure - We want to accompany you in your kitchen and in the special moments of your life. Vitis24 - That is pleasure for you!

Your perfect dinner with friends

Restaurant visits and meetings with friends at the Italian restaurant around the corner have become rare in recent years. Nevertheless, we would like to get together in a small circle, eat and drink together, and spend good times with friends and family. It doesn't matter if it's a girls' night out, the small party for a birthday, a barbecue or a Sunday brunch. In addition to the loved ones, the most important thing is to put something special on the table. For your guests it should be extraordinary and special, with interesting and intense taste, just like a visit to the restaurant. What could help you to achieve this? Of course, the delicious specialties from Vitis24.

Are you planning a party buffet or a brunch? Then put our mustards to it. They go wonderfully with meat and egg dishes, or even with cheese. For the buffet we especially recommend our Dips. The Cranberry Dip goes perfectly with fondue or raclette. Dips and spreads are absolutely versatile anyway, also for the special accent at small party snacks, appetizers or in fine sauces.

Delicious cooking for two, these are also very special moments that we enjoy together. How about a fine pasta dish, for example with Vitis red wine pasta and accompanied by an organic steak and a fresh salad with a fruity vinaigrette of grape seed oil and raspberry vinegar?

No matter what your perfect dinner looks like, Vitis24 is by your side for your delicious creations!

Ein eingedeckter Holztisch mit Geschirr, Besteck und Gläsern.

Say thank you and give pleasure with small treats

Do you know this too? It's a dear friend's birthday, you want to thank your neighbor for his help, a colleague has a reason to celebrate or you're invited to a barbecue party at a friend's house. In such situations, of course, you want to bring something special. Gladly one gives there something delicious to eat or drink. In any case, it should be something out of the ordinary and nothing from the supermarket. And not everywhere there are exclusive delicatessens. Vitis24 can help you to find exactly the small and special attentions that you can give and that are guaranteed to bring joy and great moments of pleasure. Try our delicious mustard specialties, for example the Men's mustard for your father, brother or best friend. Lovers of sweet taste will be really happy with our fruit spreads. Strawberry and Prosecco is our favorite variety for the best friend and the dear neighbor. And for all hobby cooks you will find at Vitis24 a wide selection of high quality oils, special grape seed products and best pasta with special taste. Have a look at our gifts around. Here you will find beautifully put together gifts that you can easily give away.

Delicious food - uncomplicated with the special enjoyment factor

Cooking and enjoyment are two terms that are inseparable for you. You love to cook and eat delicious food and are always looking for new ideas for tasty dishes? The recipes should also be suitable for everyday use and uncomplicated, suitable for every day and for the whole family, or sometimes for guests and very fine?

Then you will find at Vitis24 your new Store for fine products and delicacies and many great recipes! Always stay up to date and don't miss any new recipes, ideas and offers. Sign up for our newsletter right here and look forward to very special ideas for enjoyment!

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