Berry crumble

180 °C
10 Minuten
für ca. 4 Personen
Ein frisch gebackener Beerencrumble in einer Ausflaufform.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, crumble in our little house - so heavenly fruity, nutty and crunchy that you can't get enough of this crumble!

Baking temperature and preparation time

Circulating air: approx. 25 - 30 minutes at 180 °C
Top and bottom heat: approx. 25 - 30 minutes at 200 °C

Preparation time: approx. 10 - 15 minutes + baking time

Ingredients (for approx. 4 servings)

- 400 g berries of your choice (fresh or frozen)
- 80 g soft butter
- 50 g ground oat flakes (alternatively: Oat flakes tender)
- 30 g ground almonds
- 20 g grape seed flour
- 20 g sliced nuts
- 3 tsp agave syrup or erythritol
- 1 tsp baking powder
- cinnamon
- vanilla flavoring
- powdered sugar for decorating


1) First put the berries in a small, greased baking dish. If you use fresh berries, they must be washed beforehand.

2) Then put the butter in a bowl and add the following ingredients: the ground almonds, the ground oatmeal, the grapeseed flour, 2 tsp. agave syrup, the baking powder and the sliced nuts. Add a little cinnamon and vanilla flavoring, depending on your taste. Knead all ingredients with your hands to a uniform dough.

3) Now spread the crumble dough in crumbs on the berries.

4) Now bake the berry crumble in the oven for about 25 - 30 minutes. After baking, drizzle with 1 tsp agave syrup and dust with powdered sugar. Best enjoyed still warm!

We wish you bon appétit.

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